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Prizren – The Secret Tip Of Kosovo

Kosovo is a destination full of impressive surprises. One of these surprises is our beautiful town of Prizren. Our Classic Hotel Prizren is located in the heart of the city, not far from the famous stone bridge. At the Hotel Prizren you can be pampered and at the same time you have a nice starting point for your city exploration.

From the year 2000 to the present, there has been a significant revival of cultural life in Prizren, so much so that the city may well be called the “city of festivals”. The numerous festivals, especially in summer, bring people from Kosovo, neighboring countries and the world to Prizren. The most famous festival is the International Documentary and Short Film Festival, short Dokufest.


A Big City With Charm

From your room in the hotel you can take a first glimpse of the impressive city and see the incomparable architecture from the windows of the Classic Hotel Prizren. Wherever you come from, if your legs have grown a bit tired on the old cobblestones that cover the alleyways and your eyes are wandering up the balconies and loggias of the townhouses, then you’re in Prizren. It is not without reason that this city is a signpost for itself. All you have to do is follow the course of Lumbardh, occasionally cross one of its many bridges, and in front of you will be the beautiful contours of the pleasantly quiet city. Prizren itself is not far from the border crossing with Albania. Would you like to change the country during your holiday in the Classic Hotel Prizren? – Go on!

Already under the rule of Serbian and Ottoman rulers, Prizren was able to develop into an incomparable trading center. Even today, the center of the city is a vibrant place, where traded but also just a little relaxed. When you return to the Hotel Prizren in the evening with your purchases and review the day, you will soon realize how important trade is for the local people. The love of the economy as well as the beauty of the details make your holiday in the Classic Hotel Prizren unforgettable.

Between Idyll And Passion

We, the staff of the Hotel Prizren, are particularly impressed by the versatility of the city. The idyll of the place is incomparable despite its size. Through the many quiet places and the green oases of the city, you can always relax here and enjoy the peace and the colors.

At the same time Prizren offers variety for all ages. Various entertainment options are available in the city’s restaurants, bars, theaters and nightclubs. At the Classic Hotel you can find out which events are on offer during your stay in the area.

Get To Know The Culture

If you are planning a stay at the Classic Hotel Prizren, we recommend that you get involved with the culture of our city. There is always something to celebrate in Prizren. In July, for example, the “Festivali i Këngës Qytetare” Zambaku i Prizrenit “takes place in Prizren. If you stay at the Classic Hotel Prizren at this time, then you should not miss the event. The Sanatla Uyanmak Festival in May each year is a successful combination of traditional elements and modern highlights.

Let us advise you in the Classic Hotel Prizren and get to know the very special sides of the city thanks to our tips.

For The Love Of Prizren

“Once you have drunk from the water of the fountain, you no longer leave Prizren.” This is what the legend, whose footsteps are, wants to make its way through the narrow streets of the city.

And indeed some who came and quenched their thirst remained bound to Prizren forever; others went back and did not return. Nobody knows why, but one thing is for sure, it is never too late to return, for a refreshing summer breeze in the Prizren dusk..”